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What can we do for you?

We work with your employer so you get the rewards, the respect, and the recognition you deserve. We negotiate with the business on your behalf on any matter affecting your pay and conditions. From pay rises to restructures, we look after your interests and support and advise you in the following issues: discrimination, contracts, pensions, performance management, redundancy, absence, maternity leave, flexible working, stress, equal pay, lack of development, gross misconduct, compromise, early retirement, holiday disputes, salary benchmarking, harassment

How we can help you

Last year we represented over a hundred members formally in grievances and disciplinaries and gave informal advice to many hundreds more, ensuring the people affected are treated as fairly as possible. We also negotiate the annual pay rise and other terms and conditions.

What else we offer you 

  • Informal advice on anything regarding working here - we'll talk to you any time
  • Skilled, professional officers who will negotiate on your behalf
  • Legal advice and representation from our expert trade union lawyers
  • Free legal advice on non-work related matters for you and your family
  • A huge range of discounts on a wide variety of goods and services

Your views and opinions matter

We consult regularly with our members via our network of Reps and we also gather your views and opinions on important matters, which we feed back to the company. Our members help shape working life here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, we negotiate your pay and your working conditions to start with. We provide legal cover, and ensure you work in a safe and healthy environment. If you find yourself in a tricky situation at work, we'll represent you at any grievance and disciplinary hearing.

That's fine. That's not what Aegis is here for. In the very unlikely event of something so dramatic happening here that we felt strike action appropriate, every option is explored very thoroughly first. Striking is usually a last resort and only after obtaining your consent through an independently administered ballot - you can’t be forced into it.

What if you're too close to the problem to handle it yourself? By joining Aegis you get the services of a trained union official with access to a range of information, experience, advice and support from the union that you as an individual or a colleague just wouldn't have.

Can you afford NOT to be a member? What would happen in the event of an accident, or if you had a problem at work? You insure your house, your car, your life ... Why not make sure you’re covered for help at work? We refer many members to our lawyers for expert help every year. It could be you next.

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“A member could come up and talk to me to let me know what's going on in their team, and if something's not going well I'll see what can be done to help.”

Pauline TillotsonTax Manager, Group Tax