We are dismayed by the Department of Education's recent decision to scrap the Union Learning Fund (ULF) at the end of this financial year. For the better part of the last decade, Union Learning Fund enabled us as Aegis to reach thousands of learners to acquire new and transferable skills, upskill at work, change careers and pursue personal development. And our learners are part of a much bigger family of millions who has benefited from lifelong learning opportunities to better their lives.

According to a report published by Union Learn and the Department for Education in 2018-19, every £1 invested in the fund resulted in a total economic return of £12.30. Therefore, we wouldn't be overstating the fact that there would be no winners upon this move.

We believe that numbers can speak strength to the impact ULF has had on people's lives and this decision could be reversed by the government if they heard from as many of us as possible.

Therefore, let's act and #SaveUnionLearning.

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  • Sign the petition and share with your friends and family (if clicking the link doesn't work, copy and paste the following on your browser:
  • Use the templates below to email your local MP, Gavin Williamson as Secretary of State for Education, and Chancellor Rishi Sunak. Rishi Sunak can be emailed at: Contact Gavin Williamson via the Department of Education's online contact form.
  • Click here for the employer's letter template to the Secretary of State for Education

Template for your MP:

“Dear *insert MP’s name*

I was sorry to read that the Government has taken the decision to end its funding of Unionlearn at the end of this financial year.

This is a huge shock and extreme disappointment for not just the union movement and the hundreds of people employed across the country by the project, but to all those members, their colleagues and families who have benefited from Unionlearn over the years.

At a time when people across society are uncertain of their futures within the current climate, to remove potential benefits like this that only helps and appease uncertainty, is disappointing.

I request as a concerned constituent, that you can challenge and influence the Government to reconsider this decision to save a project that has helped many people across the country and equally important, for the many others who would benefit from Unionlearn for the challenges ahead.

Many thanks for your attention and if you require any further information about Unionlearn, please let me know.

Yours Sincerely”

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And lastly, if Union Learning Fund made a difference in your life, feel free to let your networks know and do a short video and tweet using #SaveUnionLearning


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Fredrick MarkhamAegis Representative