Join us in our Maths Madness!


This month you can build your confidence with numbers and improve your everyday Maths skills with Learn with Aegis! Assess your levels, and use resources to improve on them. Here are a few things we offer you to change your attitude towards Maths this month and upskill:

  • Check your level with SkillsCheck Maths

SkillCheck is a tool created by unionlearn to help deliver learning in the workplace. It is designed to help engage with learners, providing both an initial assessment and a way to encourage further learning. We will send you details of how to access and register to take the assessment. Quote "SkillCheck" when completing our contact form.

  • Take the Numeracy Challenge

The Challenge is a confidential and informal website which helps you to assess your numeracy, learn everyday Maths, gain confidence, and work towards getting the Essentials of Numeracy – the basic skills which you need in daily life and the workplace. The Numeracy Challenge consists of three steps which you can repeat until you reach your target. Quote "Numeracy Challenge" when completing our contact form.

1.Take the Check-Up: This is a set of questions which helps you find out the overall numeracy level you’re working at, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. It usually takes 20 to 40 minutes, but you can take as long as you need. You can log out and come back to it too. If you score 80 or more, then you’ve already got the Essentials of Numeracy and you can print a certificate or claim a digital badge.

2. Get a target: If you score 79 or less, then you’ll get a target to work towards.

3. Learn: The Challenge then directs you to the right learning resources for you. Take your time,
visit the resources and learn everyday maths online at your own pace.

4.The Check-Up: When you feel ready, re-take the Check-Up to see if you have reached your target

  • Take learning further? Improve your Maths grade

Take your next step; if you have ever wanted to improve on your Maths grade, now you can. If you don’t already hold a Level 2 (A-C grade); and if you only managed a D to E grade there is funding to be able to retake for free.

The Numeracy Challenge can help you get ready for this too. After taking the Check-Up, you can print out the list of topics that you might need help with and then show these to your tutor.

Additionally, we can help you look at local college’s for classroom courses, or if you feel confident there is also an online course. Quote "GCSE Maths" when completing our contact form.

We've also curated a handful of new free, online courses for you to take this month, ranging from IT to communications. Click here to browse the course flyer and find out more!


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