Expand Universal Free School Meals to All

As part of the STUC Women’s Committee anti-poverty work, the Women’s Committee have been lobbying the Scottish Government to expand Universal Free School Meals to all nursery, primary, and secondary school pupils in Scotland.

The Scottish Government has committed to reducing child poverty by 2030 and has taken steps towards expanding Universal Free School Meals to all primary school pupils on a phased basis, but we believe that this phased expansion is confusing to many families and does not go a long way in ending poverty-related attainment gap among children.

We believe that the Scottish Government can do better and take decisive action to tackle this problem more efficiently: therefore as Aegis we join the STUC Women's Committee in demanding that Universal Free School Meals be expanded to all ages.

Campaign briefing explains in more detail the background and the implications of expanding USFM to all pupils.



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