Aegis the Union thanks all our Key Workers

workers day outro(2).png
Aegis the Union is supporting and taking part in International Workers' Day this Friday 1st May. To celebrate May Day this year, Aegis wanted to say a huge thank you to all the workers keeping our country going during these turbulent times. Our members work in the Financial Service Industry, who are classed as Key workers during COVID-19.
Some of you are at home, juggling work and childcare issues. Some of you are working tirelessly in High Street Branches, Contact Centres and Head Offices of the Financial Services Businesses across the country, reassuring and helping the public get access to resources and services they desparately need. Some of you are working behind the scenes in IT services, to ensure that work can go on seamlessly and that people can keep their jobs, and work from home safely.
We recognise the value of your work and all your efforts, and we salute you on this International Workers' Day. We are here to support you at all times and we’ll continue to do so.
Thank you.


“A member could come and talk to me about anything that might be on their mind, even if it's just to get something off their chest.”

Fredrick MarkhamAegis Representative