Jacqueline for the ICTU award

Jacqueline award

Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) and Union Learn Northern Ireland have organised a Union Learning Represents Development Conference, which highlights the importance of the learning opportunities in the workplace. In recognition of her efforts in widening the reach of the Union learn project beyond her company to the wider community, Aegis the Union Union Learn Representative Jacqueline Morrow won the Union Learn Representative of the Year award at the conference which took place on 9th March in Belfast. 

Jacqueline has led an initiative to teach the local community about the importance of protecting children online. She worked with the NSPCC to deliver a course in a local school to educate parents on the dangers of being online. She is now working with the NSPCC to come in to HML and deliver another course to HML staff in 2016 to ensure that all staff has the necessary knowledge to protect their children online. Jacqueline has also recently taken on the task of delivering an essential skills course in HML and this is due to start in March for 10 HML staff. In addition to her efforts in HML, Jacqueline also regularly steps into the shoes of the Aegis Union Learn project manager when he is unavailable, maintaining the viability of the Union Learn project. Jacqueline has developed links with some local independent councillors to deliver some essential skills courses not only in HML but in the wider community as well.

Jacqueline and her counterparts are the backbone of the Union Learn project and the unions they represent. Aegis the Union is proud to support the Union Learn project and ever eager to welcome aboard new reps who will be trained to cultivate the lifelong learning culture in the workplace as well as within the community.


“I am the time people don’t have in helping them get back into development!”

Gemma CoxenCommercial Lending Administration Manager