Aegis' Win-win Approach

Maintaining good working relationships with management and ER is what stands Aegis apart from other unions. We strive to achieve our aims within the workplace by highlighting to the businesses the mutual interest in upholding employee rights.

Our role is centred around working in partnership with employers to improve productivity. We believe that a prosperous business is the best way to protect our members' interests. The businesses recognise this and support us; the executives from YBS, Aegon UK, and SBS highlight the solid relationships Aegis have built with these businesses over the years based on mutual interest.

Gill Scott, HR Director-Aegon UK:

“I encourage employees to find out about what Aegis does and how membership can be of mutual benefit. We have a strong, constructive working relationship and partnership with our trade unions, going back many years. It’s important to me and the company that employees have a collective voice and that their views are represented in decisions the company makes, for example in relation to the annual pay review or in relation to organisational restructures.”

Mike Regnier, CEO of Yorkshire Building Society, underlines Aegis' vital function in taking the pulse of staff:

"Maintaining that strong working relationship takes a good deal of effort from both sides. The formal meetings that we hold each quarter between the Aegis and YBS management teams are a really good way of helping here. We take the opportunity to keep Aegis up to speed with everything that is going on across the Group, and Aegis gives us its overall perspective on what our reps have been hearing from members about how our colleagues are feeling. Personally I find it a very useful barometer, and I've changed a number of things (for example the new monthly business update email I'm now sending to the whole society) on the back of it."

Transparency among all parties as a mode of operation is valued by businesses and can be an inspiring divergence point from other unions. Ivan le Roux, Head of Group Insurance at Skipton Building Society points out to this:

"Aegis has been an eye-opener for me. The open and transparent way Aegis works with its members and the employer is great and I am encouraged by the firm but fair approach they adopt."

Our membership profile represents every level in the business from school leavers to senior managers and the good working relationships we built are recognised at every level. These networks also mean that we can sometimes sort out issues informally and quickly before they develop into problems. Join us today to ensure your rights in the workplace are secured.


“I am the time people don’t have in helping them get back into development!”

Gemma CoxenCommercial Lending Administration Manager