Union Update - Derry

23:00-Further update and Computershare's decision

Following on from our previous communication today regarding the request to close the Computershare Derry site, we now have an update.

After reviewing the situation and taking onboard our members concerns, Computerhare have taken the decision to allow employees to work from home from tomorrow.

We understand that not all employees will have the appropriate kit to work from home, so Computershare will implement a process for people to collect this over the next couple of days.

They will allow employees who do still want to come into work, that choice, but it is the employee’s decision and Computershare will ensure the working environment is safe for them to do so.

There will be a small number of employees who will need to be on site due to the nature of their role (e.g. Mailroom) though we have been assured their area will be thoroughly deep-cleaned and locked-down to the rest of the building.

Computershare will be in contact with all colleagues this evening with this new update.

We are encouraged that the business has listened to our member’s concerns and reacted quickly and believe this is a positive move that ensures the safety and well-being of our members with no detriment to members pay.

We will continue to work together closely with the business throughout these challenging times and as a union, our members concerns, well-being and health will be at the forefront of everything we do.

Brian McDaid – Assistant General Secretary.




19:00 - Update regarding Derry office

We wanted to communicate to you all on the back of the recent news that one of our members in Derry, is currently in a serious condition in hospital with suspected Coronavirus.

Firstly, all of our thoughts are with our their family and friends during this difficult time and we are all right behind our member in their fight.

This has had a huge impact on all of his colleagues within the Derry site , as well as the wider community and we have been contacted throughout the day by very scared and anxious members, who all share the same fear about returning to the office tomorrow.

Therefore, acting upon the concerns of our members and of their families, we as a union have proposed to Computershare today that the Derry site is immediately closed, and employees are furloughed until the opportunity to work from home is available for everyone.

Whilst, this is an extreme request, we are in extreme times, but the health and well-being of all members is of paramount importance and whilst we do appreciate the business has to continue as best it can, we feel this course of action is the most appropriate for our members, their families and the community.

We are currently awaiting a response from Computershare to our request and we will keep you all updated as soon as we get a response.

Brian McDaid – Assistant General Secretary.


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