Aegis meets Low Pay Commission


Aegis the Union have arranged a meeting with the Low Pay Commission on Wednesday 15th at 3pm in Maldron Hotel in Derry.

Low Pay Commission advises government on setting minimum wages rates.

We feel it’s vital that representation is not only made on behalf of employers but also by low paid workers and union representatives to ensure we highlight the challenges and consequences of surviving on poverty wages.

We would welcome any members on low/min wage to attend to give insight into the impact of min wage employment.

This could be concerns over ability to afford your own home, meeting bills, mental health impacts of low income (the constant stress of finances) etc.

We are also happy to open this to non-union members and also any friends or family who work in a minimum wage sector.

If you are able to attend please contact Aegis Divisional Secretary on; for further information.


“A member could come and talk to me about anything that might be on their mind, even if it's just to get something off their chest.”

Fredrick MarkhamAegis Representative