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4/8 Aegis Daily Update

Find out about the services Money Advice Scotland are providing in response to the financial impact of Covid-19


Home Working at Your Best

Tutor led Zoom session on 5 August at 10am or 2pm on well-being while working from home,


30/7 Aegis Daily Update

The number of employees regularly working from home is likely to double, rising from 18% before the pandemic to 37%, according to research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).


29/7 Aegis Daily Update

Read Sir Brendan Barber's policy paper which looks at how employers can build back better working conditions after the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by creating a new workplace contract based on compassion, trust and equality.


27/7 Aegis Daily Update

The TUC believe that the social and economic impacts of the pandemic have disproportionately affected women, especially when it comes to childcare and it's costing some women their jobs. Read more about it here.


“I am the time people don’t have in helping them get back into development!”

Gemma CoxenCommercial Lending Administration Manager