4/8 Aegis Daily Update

Money Advice Scotland

Money Advice Scotland is a national charity which aims to be the driving force towards financial wellbeing for people in Scotland.

They provide a number of services, particularly in response to the financial impact of Covid-19. If you require any further information or would like to book a session, please don’t hesitate to contact them at Please also visit their website.

They have a range of free webinars, workshops and training sessions which are hosted via Zoom and are available for both staff and service-users:

Money Coach - Train the Trainer (Staff):

These online sessions are aimed at staff who would like to work with their service-users to build financial resilience/capability. The next session will take place on Tuesday 11th August at 1:30pm.  To secure a place on this session please complete our booking form.

If you have a larger group of staff (6 or more) please contact us and we can arrange a free training session for your organisation.

Money Goals Workshops (Service-Users):

We also host interactive sessions for groups of service-users. These sessions are typically one-hour long and cover a range of financial wellbeing based topics, such as budgeting.

Money Works Webinar (Staff):

Their Money Works programme is aimed at staff and apprentices. The goal is the help promote employee wellbeing by providing information and guidance on personal finance. The next webinar in this series will take place, via Zoom, on Wednesday 19th August at 10am until 11am and will discuss Saving and Saving Accounts. This webinar is not interactive.

Please note that if you are interested in their Bespoke Money Works Package, which will be specially designed for your staff, there is a fee.

Financial Wellbeing Webinar (Service-Users):

The next webinar in our Financial Wellbeing series is aimed at students, those who are unemployed or with irregular incomes and will cover the topic of Saving and Saving Accounts. It will take place, via Zoom, on Tuesday 18th August at 10am until 11am. This webinar is not interactive.

STACEY MUIR, Financial Capability Officer

Phone: 0141 572 0453


“I am the time people don’t have in helping them get back into development!”

Gemma CoxenCommercial Lending Administration Manager