30/7 Aegis Daily Update

Homeworking 'to double'

The number of employees regularly working from home is likely to double, rising from 18% before the pandemic to 37%, according to research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Its survey of 1,046 employers also found that re- spondents expect nearly a quarter (22%) of employ- ees to work from home permanently, compared to 9% before the pandemic.

Some 28% of respondents said that that working remotely had increased productivity – but an equal number believed the opposite. Just over a third (37%) felt that it has not had any effect on produc- tivity levels whatsoever.

Just over two-fifths (44%) of employers are intro- ducing measures to support employees working remotely, and two-thirds (66%) of those are planning to change their policies relating to remote working,

A third (33%) of businesses are set to introduce new forms of remote working. Some 45% will intro- duce permanent flexible working arrangements, 40% will introduce part-time hours in the office, followed by 39% introducing flexi-time, 25% looking at offering compressed hours and a further 16% implementing term-time working hours.


“A member could come up and talk to me to let me know what's going on in their team, and if something's not going well I'll see what can be done to help.”

Pauline TillotsonTax Manager, Group Tax