29/7 Aegis Daily Update

Building Back: Making Working Lives Better - ACAS

The challenge for British policymakers, stakeholders and employers in the 'new normal' world of work is, in many ways, the same as it ever was: to make working life better for everyone in Britain. Yet coronavirus (COVID-19) has put into even starker relief the diversity and complexity of working life, with the pandemic's differential impacts on sectors and demographics; on knowledge workers versus frontline workers; on those in secure and insecure working arrangements; and around what kinds of work we value most as a society.

This paper argues that, in order to 'build back better' we must capitalise on valuable lessons learned about working life during the pandemic crisis; and seize the opportunity to make sure momentum is not lost on balancing the importance of employee wellbeing with that of productivity. In short, we need a new 'workplace contract' that reflects our shifting values, new working practices and business priorities as we work towards economic recovery.

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