25/6 Aegis Daily Update

Money Advice Scotland

With so many people having been financially impacted by the Covid-19 crisis, Money Advice Scotland will be running regular free webinars covering different aspects of financial capability. Next week they have the following two sessions running:

Money Works: Life After Work (Pensions) Wednesday 1st July: Money Works is a programme to promote financial wellbeing in the workplace for employees and apprentices across Scotland. Pension planning is a crucial part of secure and comfortable retirement. This Money Works session will cover the complex topic of pensions and retirement. It will discuss different type of pensions available, as well as information on saving into a pension, and who to contact with queries/problems. The webinar will last for one hour and is available to groups of employees (a maximum of 12 participants from one company/employer).

To secure your place complete the booking form by clicking here.

Financial Wellbeing: Financial Futures Thursday 2nd July: our Financial Wellbeing webinars are open to any member of the public; however, this webinar is aimed at those who are looking to enter employment, transitioning from education to full-time work, and who want to build on a new career. 2020 has taught us to expect the unexpected, but what about our finances? With so much uncertainty, navigating the financial aspects of work can be difficult. We will cover payslips and deductions, pensions, the costs associated with starting work, relocating and different options for saving.

To secure your place complete the booking form by clicking here.

We are also running Money Coach - Train the Trainer sessions every fortnight which trains staff to deliver financial capability to their clients on a 1-2-1 basis. Which in turn helps clients improve their financial wellbeing and resilience. For more information on this click here or email us on



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