22/4 Aegis Daily Update

Coronavirus - protecting workers

Across the board many industries and those working within them are going to be impacted by the coronavirus, and necessary measures taken to reduce its spread. Jobs and livelihoods are at serious risk, and without unprecedented government action, the consequences could last well beyond the immediate nature of the virus.
Unions stand ready to do everything we can to protect health, jobs, and livelihoods. Our objectives are to work with the government to:
  1. ensure that business support measures are conditional on support for jobs. This can’t just be a bailout for boardrooms.
  2. fix the sick pay system to provide better sick pay for all.
  3. introduce targeted support for parents who need to take time out of work to care for kids
  4. provide more help to families – and a stimulus to the economy
  5. bring together a taskforce of unions and employers to help co-ordinate the national effort. 

Join a union today to be part of a movement committed to bringing about real social and economic change for the working population. 




“I became a rep to support colleagues who need assistance and someone to stand up for them.”

Dyane BlakeCustomer Value Management Team, Marketing