16/4 Aegis Daily Update

In recent weeks, we have seen the significant economic impact of the coronavirus. This affects many workers, typically the least well-paid, the self-employed and those working in the gig economy or with zero-hours contracts. Whilst the Government has announced economic measures to safeguard jobs, guarantee wages and support the self-employed, it's still not always clear how these measures will be implemented and how people will manage a loss of income in the short-term.

If you are looking for somewhere to turn for advice and guidance on money matters Advicelocal may be able to help you. 

Advicelocal is an online database which covers:

  • benefits
  • tax credits
  • council tax
  • debt and money advice
  • housing and homelessness
  • employment and work issues
  • disability and social care
  • asylum and immigration.

If you go to, key in your postcode and the issue you need advice on, you'll see the details of advice centres in your area as well as be provided with useful information. 


“I became a rep to support colleagues who need assistance and someone to stand up for them.”

Dyane BlakeCustomer Value Management Team, Marketing