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 What Is Heritage 

What is Heritage?

This course introduces the concept of heritage and examines its various uses in contemporary society. It then provides a background to the development of critical heritage studies as an area of academic interest, and in particular the way in which heritage studies has developed in response to various critiques of contemporary politics and culture in the context of deindustrialisation, globalisation and transnationalism.

 Getting Started on Classical Latin

The aim of this course is to enable you to get started on learning Latin in a fairly leisurely but well-focused way.  The course will give you a taster of what is involved in the very early stages of learning Latin. Along the way, you will learn some Latin words, master the pronunciation of Latin and explore the links between Latin and English. Importantly, too, you will gain a basic understanding of how Latin ‘works’ – its grammar and sentence structure – and gain a useful impression of what learning Latin actually involves. The material which follows is designed to be studied in small sections. In all, it will probably take about 8–10 hours to work through.

 Classical Latin
 Diploma In Food Safety

Diploma in Food Safety

Food safety is extremely important to businesses of any size which handle food. Through this online course, you will learn the systems and procedures necessary to maintain a top quality food business. From staff hygiene practices to maintaining a stringent pest prevention system, this course will ensure that you have the knowledge necessary to manage a hygienic food service operation. You are first introduced to food safety topics such as water quality, pest control measures, food service accidents and incident management. The course then reviews a case study on how to handle food safely in the food service industry.

 Exploring Planet Earth - it's Systems and Resources

 Planet Earth is unique in the Solar System as it has just the right systems and resources to give rise to life. This free online course will review the systems and resources found on Earth such as the flow of energy around the planet, the cycling of matter, the geology of the planet, the Earth's atmosphere and biosphere, groundwater and surface water, and mineral, soil and biological resources. The course reviews the impact humans are having on these systems and resources and will look at air, soil and water pollutants, and how humans manage the land. 

 Https Alisoncom Courses Planet Earth Systems And Resources Content

Diploma In Tourism Studies

Diploma in Tourism Studies

The first part of the course describes the formation of the tourist industry as well as outlining its sectors and employment opportunities. The next part of the course explains the needs of both business and pleasure travellers. Following this, the ways that tourism businesses/destinations can market themselves effectively is described. The final section explains how the travel industry packages and sells tourism products through retail and online channels. 

The Holocaust

This course explores the Holocaust, as the destruction of European Jewry is commonly known. The mass killing represented by the Holocaust raises many questions concerning the development of European civilisation during the twentieth century. This course, therefore, covers essential ground if you wish to understand this development.

 The Holocaust


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