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Do you struggle to help your children with their English Homework? 

Don't know when to use of or off; their, or there?

Try to answer the questions below.


A volunteer in a day care centre for the elderly is asked to proof-read this notice in the computer area.


Can you identify the two words that are incorrectly used.


for Computer Users

It is important for everybody to log-off on there computers correctly.  If they wouldn’t any unsaved work will be lost.



  Read Jane’s work diary.

When I arrive at work each morning, I switch on my computer and then put the kettle on.  Then I collect the post, having first checked my e-mails.


Which is the correct order that Jane does things each morning?


  1. Kettle;  post;  computer;  e-mails
  2. Kettle;  computer;  e-mails;  post
  3. Computer;  kettle;  e-mails;  post
  4. Computer;  kettle;  post;  e-mails


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