General Secretary Report 2014

2014 was a very special and exciting year for Aegis with Surge and YISA joining us. Throughout the year we all worked hard to achieve our objectives and bring the three unions together. On achieving this, all three divisions are now set up to support each other, capitalise on our strength in numbers and benefit fromsharing the knowledge and experience of the full time officers  and representatives.

I'm absolutely delighted with our achievements and it’s all down to the very hard work and commitment put in by the full time team and all of the Aegis Union Reps and Aegis Union Learn Reps.

Thank you to all of you for making it all possible.

2015 has started with the same enthusiasm as last year and we’ve already achieved quite a lot in the last six weeks.

We held our Aegis Conference a couple of week's ago. This was attended by union reps from each division and all the Unionlearn Project Workers and it helped us to set our strategic objectives for the next three years. These are to:

  • Improve our financial security
  • Increase our membership
  • Empower the Reps
  • Continue to raise our profile
  • Revolutionise the way we communicate
  • We will update you regularly on how we are progressing with these objectives.


We’ve also been renegotiating recognition agreements and negotiating pay agreements with all the businesses our members work in and we have been very pleased with the results so far. 

Its been a busy start to the year and we hope that you will soon start to see some immediate benefits of the new Aegis the Union as we progress towards achieving our strategic goals.

Brian Linn

General Secretary

Aegis the union

“A member could come up and talk to me to let me know what's going on in their team, and if something's not going well I'll see what can be done to help.”

Pauline TillotsonTax Manager, Group Tax